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 "Come back to live your life"

"Reviviscence" the word stand for the meaning of "come back to live your life" hence we are a synonym for our name we engage our patient to live their life successfully independent as much as possible happily and with dignity. Reviviscence Rehab is backed by clinical experts who are pioneer in their field. We have history of more than 5 years of many 360┬░ of life changing and significant development success stories in our wings which always boost our motivation.

"Your success is our motivation"

Reviviscence Rehab Institute Private Limited is a Multi-Specialty Holistic therapy set-up where all therapeutic needs either kids or adult struggling in their day to day life due to limitation in any domain of life such as functional skills, social skills, muscle power, incoordination, cognitive issues and many more are provided. We follow evidence based, Outcome oriented practice in our setting and monitor each minor or major development from  time to time.

Customized handcrafted therapeutic solution to cater need of individual struggling in day to day life due Autism, cerebral Plasy, ASD, Hyperactivity, and many other pediatric conditions. We are specialized in

Evidence Based Practice

Occupational Therapy

Sensory Integration therapy

Speech Therapy

Behaviour Corrections 

Autism Training

Rehabilitation Services

Reviviscence® Rehab