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    "Experience personalized rehabilitation at Reviviscence Rehab. Our expert team offers a range of therapies including occupational and speech therapy, tailored to all ages. Trust us to empower you with evidence-based solutions for a successful, independent life. Reclaim your life with holistic care under one roof."
  • Parent, Child & Therapist Openness 

    Open Door Intervention Facility

    Reviviscence and Reviviscence team strongly believes in making intervention and child activities transparent. At Reviviscence neither doors locked nor parents require permission to enter. Parent can be with their kids during intervention and learn from therapist.

  • We are Concerned for Quality

    CCTV Monitoring & surveillance

    Reviviscence strictly takes no set backs when its comes to deal with quality. Every therapist and child is monitored by senior staffs for supervision of intervention and maintaining quality in practice.

  • Managed by compassionate professional 

    Reviviscence hires and trains professional who are compassionate and enjoys working with children just like a mother. At Reviviscence 80% of professionals and staffs are female who ensure to deliver motherly love to your wards while they are a step ahead in process of learning. 

  • Outcome driven Team

    Evidence Based Practice

    Reviviscence ensures to deliver what is best for child. Each intervention performed on child or any patient first go through various stages of cross validation. Intervention planning & Monitoring System ensures that only evidently supported intervention is delivered to the clients monitored consistently. Frequent assessments and intervention revisions are keys to support child growth and development at each step in gradual manner 

  • Medical Records

    High Quality Clinical Documentation

    Reviviscence maintains high quality of assessment and observation procedures. We strictly maintain records of Assessment, Intervention. We set goals for child and parents on monthly basis. Each month end child undergoes review and new set of targets are designed to achieve further growth. Parents takes part in this entire procedures and being informed for each set targets status and future to be planned.

  • Knowledge & Energy

    Experienced therapist and Mentors

    All the therapist and educator are screened prior to hiring. The hiring procedures are inclusive of not only professional skills and personal personality traits as well such as compassion, attitude towards working with children, empathy towards marginalised section of society. In addition to routine case monitoring therapist undergo mentorship under allotted senior therapist for professional growth and enhancement in their skills for providing day to day enhanced therapeutic sessions and learn the changes in day to days interventions.

"Our Specialized Practice & Comprehensive Services"

Discover comprehensive and personalized rehabilitation services at Reviviscence Rehab. Our expert team specializes in a wide range of therapeutic interventions, catering to individuals of all ages facing challenges in various aspects of daily life. From occupational therapy and speech therapy to special education and behavioral interventions, we offer evidence-based solutions tailored to your unique needs. At Reviviscence, we are dedicated to empowering our clients to lead successful, independent lives with dignity and happiness. Experience holistic care and personalized support under one roof. Trust Reviviscence Rehab to help you reclaim your life and thrive.

Occupational Therapy

Our skilled therapists prioritize enhancing functional independence through tailored therapeutic interventions. These interventions target various areas including perceptual motor skills, fine motor skills, strength, coordination, sensory integration, and self-care activities. Experience personalized care aimed at promoting your overall well-being and autonomy.

Speech Therapy

Experience comprehensive speech and language services at our clinic, where our dedicated Speech Therapists seamlessly integrate various aspects of communication. From language development to articulation and fluency, our experts provide personalized interventions tailored to your unique needs. Trust our Speech Therapists to guide you towards improved communication skills for enhanced everyday interactions.

Our dedicated Special Educator prioritizes meeting the individualized educational, cognitive, behavioral, and esteem needs of children through a variety of effective teaching strategies. Experience personalized education tailored to your child's unique requirements, fostering growth and development in a supportive environment. Trust our Special Educator to guide your child towards academic success and enhanced self-esteem.

Explore the transformative benefits of behavior therapy, a specialized form of psychotherapy dedicated to reshaping undesirable behaviors. Our approach involves identifying and addressing objectionable, maladaptive behaviors, with a focus on replacing them with healthier alternatives. Experience a personalized journey towards positive change and improved well-being through our effective behavior therapy methods.

Discover the healing potential of physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, a holistic approach that encompasses evaluating, diagnosing, and treating a variety of diseases, disorders, and disabilities through physical interventions. Unlock the path to enhanced well-being with our specialized physiotherapy services tailored to address your unique needs. Experience personalized care that focuses on restoring and optimizing physical function for a healthier, more active lifestyle.

Explore the crucial role of our senses in navigating the world. These sensory faculties gather information from stimuli, whether external or internal, enabling us to function effectively. The five senses—hearing, seeing, taste, smell, and touch—respond to external stimuli, providing us with vital insights from the world around us and within our bodies.

Unleash your creativity and heal through art therapy. Express emotions, reduce stress, and promote self-discovery with guided artistic activities. Experience therapeutic transformation through art at our clinic.

At Reviviscence Rehab, we integrate play therapy into our curriculum for holistic child development. Play is crucial for social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth, especially for children with communication difficulties. 

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Tele Rehabilitation Program ( Distant Therapy Program)

In amid of COVID-19 outbreak we understand value of continuity in therapies. We have our secured methods of delivering cost effecting therapies which you can avail at your convenience and comfort of home. It helped many parent and patients in reducing their complication during complete lockdown. We are offering this service not only for our patients but for any one person who needs any therapy services but can not walk in to our center. Presently we have patients from USA, Singapore, New Zeeland, Middle east, UAE, Madurai, Delhi, Bihar, and many parts of the world.

Outreach Program

Reviviscence Rehab frequently conducts screening and training camps for extrior areas, rural areas, and for parent groups who can not visit us. On their request Reviviscence Rehab provides a team of specilist in therapy industry who does screening, assessment, and treatment planning and train parent, caregiver to provide therapies at home till next follow up. This program helps people to get best use of our skills at reasonable price and removes their burden of travel from city to city. In short if you have group of 10 people who need any kind of therapeutic support and guidance just give a call rest leave on us.

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Professional Training & Education Programs

Reviviscence Rehab  also understand need of continuous education and updating of skills. We incorporate our therapist for their individual training by attending seminar, conferences and we also conduct training seminar, workshop for professionals to learn and update skills in the industry

Internship Programs

Reviviscence Rehab provides variety of internship opportunity which is not restricted only for Therapist. We do provide internship for various other field such as Marketing, Management, Social Worker, Psychologist, and other professionals