• " The difference between high-functioning and 
    low- functioning is that high-functioning means your deficits are ignored, and low-functioning means your assets are ignored"

    ​-Laura Tisoncik

Our Services & Programs

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy


Special Education/Remedial Education

Sensory Integration Therapy

Communication Therapy

Behaviour Modification Intervention

Child Guidance & Counseling 

Parental Counseling

Home Program & Parental Training on Intervention

Individual Therapy Program (ITP)

Reviviscence Rehab provides customized individual need based therapies as per need and requirement of patient in 1:1 ratio. It is the most effective solution of developing skills among patients. It gives a lot of room for therapist to work on patient individuals skills with full concentration and work on more critical areas. Presently we provide this service at our Perungalathur, Chennai branch only.

School Model Program (SMP)

Reviviscence Rehab is offering School Model Program which stands for developing all necessary skills required in children with special needs to get integrated in mainstream schooling. In this program we work on most the component skills which is expected in main school from children to execute for their successful integration with other kids and school environment. We offer this program for kids who are above 4 Years and not attending school. In this program child will receive all therapies which will be required to develop child and available at our center. For now kids enrolled in our school model program who have been attending past 2 years successfully transitioned in mainstream school which are very big brands in school industry. We also have tie-ups with most of the CBSE and State Board educational institutions who helps us to meet our objective of inclusion of kids in main school. Our therapist are accessible by school teachers whenever any situation comes when they find difficult to manage. We also provide various professional trainings to school teachers to empower them to understand about special need kids and how to handle in school. This program has been proven in past 5 years of experience with our self monitored and customized curriculum

Since mostly we offer this program at each academic year but we understand difficulties of time and parents so we are open to accept all kids at any month of year.. 

Tele Rehabilitation Program ( Distant Therapy Program)

In amid of COVID-19 outbreak we understand value of continuity in therapies. We have our secured methods of delivering cost effecting therapies which you can avail at your convenience and comfort of home. It helped many parent and patients in reducing their complication during complete lockdown. We are offering this service not only for our patients but for any one person who needs any therapy services but can not walk in to our center. Presently we have patients from USA, Singapore, New Zeeland, Middle east, UAE, Madurai, Delhi, Bihar, and many parts of the world.

Outreach Program

Reviviscence Rehab frequently conducts screening and training camps for extrior areas, rural areas, and for parent groups who can not visit us. On their request Reviviscence Rehab provides a team of specilist in therapy industry who does screening, assessment, and treatment planning and train parent, caregiver to provide therapies at home till next follow up. This program helps people to get best use of our skills at reasonable price and removes their burden of travel from city to city. In short if you have group of 10 people who need any kind of therapeutic support and guidance just give a call rest leave on us.

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Professional Training & Education Programs

Reviviscence Rehab  also understand need of continuous education and updating of skills. We incorporate our therapist for their individual training by attending seminar, conferences and we also conduct training seminar, workshop for professionals to learn and update skills in the industry

Internship Programs

Reviviscence Rehab provides variety of internship opportunity which is not restricted only for Therapist. We do provide internship for various other field such as Marketing, Management, Social Worker, Psychologist, and other professionals

Screening Camp & Community Awareness Programs

Reviviscence Rehab reaches to people who can reach us to educate them to fight their struggle with disability. We provide screening in communities and home program further follow-ups to understand their current challenges and progress.

School Enrichment & Accessibility Program (SEAP)

Reviviscence Rehab incorporates and tie up with school, those are sensitive towards concept of inclusion. We do provide Training for school staff, Assessment of individual child and infrastructure for easy accessibility for the children with any sort of disability either physical, locomotive, or cognitive.

 Ergonomic Training & Consultation Program

This program is for corporates and industries which require man power or dependent on machine which needs to be monitored or managed by human. In this we analyze the data of leave and sickness and loss occurred due to that and provide training for manpower, and human resources to overcome those pain and improve functionality, productivity, for profitability of corporates and industries.

Assistive Devices & Technology Development Program & Consultation Services

Reviviscence Rehab provides customized solution for need of adaptive equipment to develop independence in day to day routine. This service helps stroke, paralysis, TBI, and any other condition where hand or feet can not work appropriately and they need some external support to function their day to day work.