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    "Experience personalized rehabilitation at Reviviscence Rehab. Our expert team offers a range of therapies including occupational and speech therapy, tailored to all ages. Trust us to empower you with evidence-based solutions for a successful, independent life. Reclaim your life with holistic care under one roof."
  • Parent, Child & Therapist Openness 

    Open Door Intervention Facility

    Reviviscence and Reviviscence team strongly believes in making intervention and child activities transparent. At Reviviscence neither doors locked nor parents require permission to enter. Parent can be with their kids during intervention and learn from therapist.

  • We are Concerned for Quality

    CCTV Monitoring & surveillance

    Reviviscence strictly takes no set backs when its comes to deal with quality. Every therapist and child is monitored by senior staffs for supervision of intervention and maintaining quality in practice.

  • Managed by compassionate professional 

    Reviviscence hires and trains professional who are compassionate and enjoys working with children just like a mother. At Reviviscence 80% of professionals and staffs are female who ensure to deliver motherly love to your wards while they are a step ahead in process of learning. 

  • Outcome driven Team

    Evidence Based Practice

    Reviviscence ensures to deliver what is best for child. Each intervention performed on child or any patient first go through various stages of cross validation. Intervention planning & Monitoring System ensures that only evidently supported intervention is delivered to the clients monitored consistently. Frequent assessments and intervention revisions are keys to support child growth and development at each step in gradual manner 

  • Medical Records

    High Quality Clinical Documentation

    Reviviscence maintains high quality of assessment and observation procedures. We strictly maintain records of Assessment, Intervention. We set goals for child and parents on monthly basis. Each month end child undergoes review and new set of targets are designed to achieve further growth. Parents takes part in this entire procedures and being informed for each set targets status and future to be planned.

  • Knowledge & Energy

    Experienced therapist and Mentors

    All the therapist and educator are screened prior to hiring. The hiring procedures are inclusive of not only professional skills and personal personality traits as well such as compassion, attitude towards working with children, empathy towards marginalised section of society. In addition to routine case monitoring therapist undergo mentorship under allotted senior therapist for professional growth and enhancement in their skills for providing day to day enhanced therapeutic sessions and learn the changes in day to days interventions.

Our Trusted Team

At Reviviscence Rehab, our dedicated team comprises highly qualified and experienced professionals committed to providing exceptional care. Our multidisciplinary team includes occupational therapists, speech therapists, special educators, early intervention specialists, and behavioral therapists. With a passion for helping children with special needs thrive, our team employs a holistic approach to rehabilitation. We collaborate closely with families and caregivers to ensure comprehensive support and optimal outcomes for every child we serve.
Dr. Pankaj Kumar (OT)
Founder & Managing Director
Reviviscence Rehab Institute, West Tambaram, Chennai,TN-600063
Professor & Dean-i/c,

Chettinad School of Occupational Therapy, Chettinad Academy of Research & Education, Chettinad Healthcity, Kelambakkam,Chennai, TN-603103

Dr. B.Nibedita Priyadarshinee (OT)
Co-Founder & Clinical Director
Reviviscence Rehab Institute, West Tambaram, Chennai,TN-600063
Ex-Tutor & Sr. Clinical Therapist,
National Institute for Empowerment of Person with Multiple Disabilites (NIEPMD), DEPWDMJS&E,GOI
Chennai, TN-603103

Why Choose Reviviscence Rehab Institute?

Reviviscence Rehab has been in industry from last more than 10 years. We have been trusted for our therapy services by uncounted number of clients in hundreds. Our clients trust us for many reason one of among is our Simplicity, Fair and Transparent Services, Friendly and Dedicated staff and lot more reason.

One of the best Rehabilitation services provider in Chennai offers therapy services for Pediatric and Adult population. Reviviscence rehab Institute is one stop solution for all your rehabilitative services need. We have Experts under one roof which works in Trans-Disciplinary Model. Our Team members have experts from field of Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Special Education, Counselling Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Paediatrician, Neurologist, Neonatologist , PMR, Orthopedics, Psychiatrist, Social Worker and others....

We Offer Best in class, Evidence based backed up intervention for:
Paediatric Conditions such as Autism, CP, ASD, SPD, Handwriting difficulties, Poor School Performance, Shyness, Lack of speech, lack of fluency in speech,Hyperactivity, ADHD, Concentration and attention issues etc.

Neurological Conditions such as Parkinson`s , Stroke, RTI, Head Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Challenges of Aging, Assisted living support, Environment accessibility checkup for successful transition from hospital to home, Dementia,  Alzheimer's  and many more etc..

Orthopaedic Condition Such as Joint Pain, Rhematoid Arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis, Back Pain, Low Back Pain, cervical Pain, Cervical Spondylitis, Lordosis, Shoulder Pain, Stiff Joint, Post Fracture healing complication and many more.. 

One of the reputed rehab services organizations founded in 2015

Evidence Based Practice for functional development

Patient centric approach with Goal oriented therapy plan

Parental involvement as primary stakeholder

Assistive Technology and Environment Re-design for Independent Living

Transparency & Flexibility

Reviviscence Rehab consider each patient and patient family as own family member and provides all needful reasonable solutions to resolve their problems let it be medical, therapeutic, or financial. We are always standing shoulder to shoulder to support our clients in finding solutions for their problem

Quality of therapy service commitment 

Experienced and Dedicated Professionals in Team

Personalized Individual Care

Evidence Based Research & Development for service quality enhancement

Our Vision

To create a Rehabilitation healthcare  service delivery system that is capable of upholding, supporting, and maintaining recovery of our patients.

Our Mission

Reviviscence Rehab mission is simple: We are committed to getting people back to their normal daily lives. We accomplish this through a commitment to providing superior therapy services with dedication and compassion unsurpassed by anyone in the industry.

Our Strategy

Evidence Based Practice, Driven by result,  Family oriented client centered approach in therapy planning

Our Strength

We have found our strength in our patients success and friendly team members who brings happiness, commitment and dedication.

What makes Reviviscence Rehab Institute (RRI) One of the Best in Chennai`s Leading Therapy Services Providers ?

Our trusted employees, and evidenced based  pratice, family oriented approach and simplicity and many more reasons which makes us leading, accessible best therapy service provider in Chennai. 

" A place where you step in with your worries and steps out with all answers and solution most important satisfaction and happiness"

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