• My advice to other disabled people would be, Concentrate on things your disability doesn't prevent you doing well, and don't regret the things it interferes with. Don`t be disabled in sprit as well as physically"
    ​-Stephen Hawking 

Reviviscence Rehab 

​"Nurturing Quality into Life..."

"Reviviscence" the word stand for the meaning of "come back to live your life" hence we are a synonym for our name we engage our patient to live their life successfully independent as much as possible happily and with dignity. Reviviscence Rehab is backed by clinical experts who are pioneer in their field. We have history of more than 5 years of many 360° of life changing and significant development success stories in our wings which always boost our motivation.

"Your success is our motivation"

Reviviscence Rehab Institute Private Limited is a Multi-Specialty Holistic therapy set-up where all therapeutic needs either kids or adult struggling in their day to day life due to limitation in any domain of life such as functional skills, social skills, muscle power, incoordination, cognitive issues and many more are provided. We follow evidence based, Outcome oriented practice in our setting and monitor each minor or major development from  time to time.

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Autism Rehabilitation

Autism is a condition where in it impacts on many domains of developmental component in many unpredicted ways. Majorly it impact on child Social Interaction, Communication, and Imaginative plays and thought processing. 

Autism Rehabilitation requires multiple therapeutic support at multiple levels of life such as Neurofeedback Training, Occupational Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Sensory Motor Skills, Speech and language Therapy, AAC, use of Assistive Technology for speech development or expression, special education, behavior therapy and many more. 

We have specialized standard Assessment tools which we conduct on each child at regular intervals to monitor their developmental progress and plan as per need of time and family. Reviviscence provides maximum possible therapies under one roof with 1:1 between the child and therapist. We also have customized cost effective solution to ease financial burden on parents struggling with their kids.

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Pediatric Rehabilitation

When it comes to providing outstanding pediatric specialty care and comprehensive pediatric rehabilitation services, Reviviscence Rehab is a recognized leader. Rehabilitation is a critically important component of the care and services we provide to our patients. 

Our goal is to improve the function and enjoyment of life for children with various diagnoses and disabilities. Our experienced pediatric Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Early Intervention Therapists, Special Educators work with our patients and their families to help them function at the highest level possible in their homes, communities and schools. Our services are designed to meet the physical, emotional, social, developmental and educational needs of our patients.

In Pediatric Rehabilitation we provide holistic therapeutic support under one roof with Trans-Disciplinary Model of practice. Out Therapist works in coordination with all other therapist and collaborate in achieving objective and goals set for the child.

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“Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.” 
-Robin Sharma

Neurological Rehabilitation

At Reviviscence Rehab, neurological rehabilitation is one of the most sought-after treatment plans. We provide innovative and personalized therapies to patients after stroke, traumatic brain and spinal cord injury or neurological diseases.

The neurological rehab program offered at Reviviscence Rehab provides a full gamut of specialized care, including  daycare, out-patient services, Occupational Therapy, Physical therapy, Speech Therapy, Home Modification, Assistive devices recommendation and splint designing, Mobility Devices and follow-ups, Home care . Patients can enter the system at any point or move through the system from beginning to end.

With family counseling and involvement throughout the patient’s rehabilitation process, patient and his/her family can work with our expert team to set goals, discuss progress and plan discharge as per their own perception and timing apart from medical criteria of fulfilling ‘fit for discharge’ parameters. The goal of this neurological rehabilitation Program is to help an individual return to the highest level of function and independence possible, while improving the overall quality of life — physically, emotionally, and socially.

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Mental Health Rehabilitation

Mental health problems affect a person’s entire sense of wellbeing, from how they feel, think and behave. If you have a history of mental health problems then it is likely you have lived with this trauma for what seems like a lifetime. The good news is that your condition is highly treatable. Following mental health rehab treatment, the majority of our clients go on to live a happy and successful life.

What Are Mental Health Problems?

Mental health problems vary from common everyday worries up to serious conditions such as eating disorders, clinical depression and psychosis. The vast majority of people suffering from a mental health condition overcome their condition without the need for professional health. However, some people require assistance in order to return to a healthy state of mind. Some mental health problems threaten sufferers’ physical as well as mental wellbeing. This includes eating disorders, as well as depression since the latter carries a risk of self-harm and suicide. Broadly speaking mental health problems are divided into one of two categories depending on the symptoms which clients describe. A ‘neurotic’ mental health condition refers to acute symptoms of common mental experiences such as eating disorders, anxiety, depression and panic. 

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Pankaj Kumar,

Founder & Occupational Therapist

Sr. Lecturer in OT, NIEPMD, Chennai,

Ex-Assistant Professor in OT, SRM College of OT, SRMIST (Formerly SRM University), 

Kattankulathur, Chennai.

Experience in the field : 10 Years

Our Expert for Your Independence In Life

Reviviscence Rehab Institute Pvt Ltd , India`s First Recognized Start-Up in Rehabilitation Health care service delivery sector. We are in the field last 5 years and backed with excellent brain and humble professionals in our family. Our mentors have major objecting of creating transparent therapeutic service delivery and qualitative care with human touch. Reviviscence Rehab family members are professional by Brain and humble by Heart. Our family members take care of each individual from heart of their humbleness and work with you professionally. Our team you will find a home like environment where you can share your difficulties and thoughts openly without hesitation.

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B. Nibedita Priyadarshini,

Co-Founder & Occupational Therapist

Sr. Clinical Occupational Therapist, NIEPMD, Chennai,

Experience in the field: 8 Years

Hand Rehabilitation

Hand therapy helps patients with a variety of disorders and injuries of the hand, arm, wrist and fingers return to work and a more active lifestyle. Reviviscence Rehab hand therapists can help with conditions ranging from simple fingertip injuries, to hand, arm and finger transplants and reattachments. 

Hand Therapy: Why Choose Reviviscence Rehab?
  • Our hand therapy team consists of experienced occupational therapists having expertise and specialization in Hand rehabilitation & Neurological Rehabilitation.
  • We work closely with other specialists, including Orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine experts, physical medicine and rehabilitation experts.
  • Our areas of expertise include rehabilitation after a surgery, therapeutic treatments, preventive care and functional assessments.
  • Many of our hand therapists have worked with the most complicated cases, and resumed functionality with developing customized hand splints as per patient need to execute their function. 
  • Our experts are providing hand therapy to various condition but not limited  to CP, RSI, Trigger finger, CTS etc.

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Stroke Rehabilitation

After a stroke, rehabilitation programs are critical in helping patients regain lost skills, relearn tasks, and work to be independent again. No one is ever prepared for the reality of a stroke and its consequences. Stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke) doesn't just happen to the survivor; it affects a whole family. Paralysis, shoulder pain, difficulty walking, balance problems, stiff arms, spasticity are a few issues to start with. While it is normal to feel anxious, helpless and depressed, it is important to understand that every stroke is different & every recovery is unique. Stroke recoveries are full of milestones, some are small ones like lifting your foot up, others are huge, like walking for the first time post-stroke. Hence, it goes without saying how important it is to select the right experts for a right approach to stroke rehabilitation because "Early Initiation of Physiotherapy post stroke, reported to have better outcomes". 

At Reviviscence Rehab, our multidisciplinary team of stroke physiotherapists work closely and come up with a holistic treatment plan with various medical services and equipment to aid in a smooth recovery, helping stroke survivors return to independent living.
Our Team will include but not limited to expert Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Speech Therapist, PMR Consultation on need basis.

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Our Team Members Who Care For you

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Arulking Giftson,

Executive Director & Occupational Therapist

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J. Harsha,

Research Assistant & Occupational Therapist

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Balavignesh Karunanithi,

Consultant Speech & Language Pathologist/ Speech Therapist


Tele-rehabilitation is the use of ICT information communication Technology to deliver therapeutic services at comfort of your home. It enables to receive therapy  for outstation patients who can not travel long for availing therapies. It uses various means of communication platform such as Google meet or any other video conferencing technology which helps two way  A-V communication. In this most important concern is being targeted is training of caregiver to deliver therapy under virtual supervision of therapist.

In the mid of COVID-19 it has really helped many families to stop further deterioration, or complication due to shut down of therapy center. Reviviscence Rehab has put a lot effort in training their therapist to ensure quality of service given to patients. We are happy to have patients getting benefitted from this program across globe such as Australia, Singapore, UAE, USA etc.

All therapy services such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Special Education, Early Intervention , etc via video conferencing technology. 

Minimum technology required to use this facility if to have

1. Smartphone 

2. Good internet connection

3. Headphone with mike.   Rest leave to us.

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Ergonomic Services &Training

The term Ergonomics is derived from the Greek word, “ergon” which means “work”.

Ergonomics is “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely”. It is also called as “human engineering” or “human factors engineering”.

A workplace which is designed and set-up in an Ergonomic way not only increases the productivity of employees multiple-folds but also help the organization save millions. Ergonomic interventions reduce the absenteeism due to pain and injury and enhance the morale of the workers. Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA) reports an ROI of $4 for every $1 spent on ergonomic interventions.

Each year, hundreds of otherwise healthy computer professionals suffer from neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, wrist pain, headache, etc. These symptoms, in 99.99% of cases, turns out to be work related injuries or Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) aka Computer Related Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD).

Often the main cause of these types of injuries is bad Ergonomics setup or poor awareness of “best ergonomic practices at work” among the work force. Ergonomics, in a layman’s language, simply means the best fit between the worker and the work environment including the job task.

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Our Team Members Who Care For you

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Vijay Lazarus,

Consultant Speech & Language Pathologist/ Speech Therapist

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Consultant Speech & Language Pathologist/ Speech Therapist

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Revathy Suresh,

Floor Assistant & Admin Executive

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