Reviviscence Rehab Institute (RRI) : Therapeutic Services for Autism

Reviviscence® Rehab
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The face of loved brings hope when filled with smile and achieves smaller developments 

  Reviviscence Rehab Institute (RRI) Pvt Ltd offers expert and customized therapeutic solution to improve independent Living Skills necessary for living with dignity  such as Potty Training, ADL Training, Social Skills, Home Living Skills etc

      •   Screening, Assessment, Intervention, 
      •   Parental Training 
      •  Occupational Therapy
      •  Speech and Language Pathology
      •  Sensory Integration Therapy
      •  Special Education
      •  Early Intervention Services
      •  Hand Therapy
      •  Environmental Modifications
      •  Early Cognitive and Perceptual Training
      • Vision Therapy
      • Handwriting Training and Corrections etc.
For any details please feel free to contact our help deskm +91-9940400943 or write us at


    Reviviscence® Rehab